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MINOURA Minoura B60R Smart Home Trainer
$199.99 $149.99
Minoura B60R Smart Home Trainer
Entry-level home trainer with magnetic resistance. 7 levels of resistance that can be controlled by a handlebar lever. Quick release adjustment handle included. Precision 600g steering wheel provides stable and smooth pedaling. Compatible with 24-27 "/ 700c wheels.• Resistance: Magnetic•...
$199.99 $149.99
$119.99 $59.99
This training mat will protect your floor from sweat and stains. Reduces vibrations by 75%.• Length: 1.7 m
$119.99 $59.99

What is a bike trainer

The bike trainer allows you to turn your bike into a stationary bike. By using this accessory, you have the possibility to continue your training even in winter! Also, thanks to new applications for "trainers", you can now explore bike trails from the other side of the world. The training bases reproduce tracks so realistically that you can even feel the flooring on which the riders of the Paris Roubaix race ride! If you prefer to be at altitude, the training base programs can also reproduce the ice on the top of the European mountains.

Two basic trainer families

The training bases can be separated according to the resistance control system. The first type (the cheapest), are the basics of manual control training. These control systems consist of a joystick that can be attached to the handlebars or the drive base. You can then choose the desired resistance by controlling the lever. An example of this type of training base is Tacx's Blue Matic. The second type are the smart training bases. These interactive trainers are controlled by training programs such as Zwift. These systems adjust the power of your training base automatically according to the altitude variations of the chosen track. Our most popular entry-level smart drive basic model is the Wahoo KICKR Snap.

The different basic trainer qualities

We keep in stock training bases of different maximum powers. Power is one of the factors determining the quality of the training base since it determines how well your base simulates tracks realistically. A training base with higher power can reproduce steeper slopes. We have 700W drive bases, like the Tacx Blue Matic. For those who develop more watts, we have 2000W trainers, like Tacx's Neo Smart, that can reproduce 20% rises.

The majority of smart practice databases can communicate with your cell phones, tablets or computers via Bluetooth or ANT +.

For more information on training bases, go to our blog or come see us in store! Our bike specialists and training bases will help you make a free and informed choice!

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